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Thread: distorted video please i need your help!

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    Default distorted video please i need your help!

    hi.please i need your help.i made a video 16:9 and it's seems to be cam gives me the video .vob file at 720/756 ,date bit:9100 and total bit 9356 and frame rate 25 frames/second.i render it at 16/9 .mpg at 1920/1080 .i upload it on youtube and the clip is a mess.i'm a little bit newbie and i need yout help.the application is power director 9

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    What setting is the pixel aspect ratio.

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    pal 16/9 if you mean that.i did not find any usfull setting on the programm.
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    Point me to the video or a screen grab so I can have a look. From what I can gleam, from what you have said so far, you probably have 4:3 footage and have rendered it 16:9. This would make the image seem stretched out side ways. OR squashed vertically. If that is the case render the footage with 4:3 aspect ratio.

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    Ok, A few things. Converting the video from 720 x 576 to 1920 x 1080 won't improve the image. You will not magically turn SD footage into HD footage like that. In fact keeping the video as close to the original is the best way to keep the image as good as possible.

    IE if you shoot 4:3 render 4:3. If you shoot 16:9 render 16:9. If the bit rate is 9100 then keep it as close to that as your software will alow. If it's shot at 25 fps render at 25 fps.

    Hope this helps.

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