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    Default Some questions about slowmo

    Im planning to film some freestyle snowboarding/skiing tommorrow and I want to try some new things. Ive been trying to do some slowmo things with my camera, but when I use Twixtor and tryed to ''slow'' them down, they looked really crappy. So I started to find out whats wrong with my camera. I found that my camera is filming 25fps. Everybody said if I wanted to smooth slowmo, I would need to raise to fps to 60, so I tryed, but I didint have any clue how to raise it. I know my camera can record 60fps. I tryed to read from the menu and tryed to investigate my camera. Help me out

    My camera is Sony HDR-SR10E

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    Are you filming interlaced or progressive? Progressive is a no no for smooth slo-mo.

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    I think im filming progressive. Why not the progressive dont work with slow-mo?

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    Because interlaced has 2 frames to progressive's one. If you're willing to put in a lot more work with progressive, it can be achieved though. Remembered an old thread which should help you.

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