Hi All, I have searched these forums but could not find an answer to my question specifically. My question and short background:

I am not quite new at this but am certainly no expert. My scenario is that I am capturing my footage and editing it until I am content. Then if I immediately encode using tmpgenc 3 and burn it to DVD as a test it looks great. However, before I burn my edited footage to DVD I need to apply what I am calling, for lack of a better term, an 'overlay' - a motion-enabled elevation chart that I have created in After Effects, most recent Windows version. How I did this was by creating a new composition in AE to hold my footage. Then I created a new composition to hold my elevation chart, and ran the pre-compose command to meld them together. Now when I export to uncompressed .avi, encode to mpeg2 using the best settings tmpgenc 3 has to offer, and then burn to DVD disc it looks like garbage. AE compositions are using the correct resolution and framerate.