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    Smile One-man-studio | Mon ami Sylvain

    Hi! I'm a 17 years old boy from Quebec and I wished to show to the community my last work: Mon ami Sylvain. I started this project the last summer and I recently finished it. I'm really proud of it. It's a video that I made from A to Z, from the editing to the music and the characters. It was mainly a VFX test, but it finished as a complete movie. Be lenient, I know that some borders are noisy, but for a very low quality green-screen, it is quite good.

    It is not important if you don't understand what I say!

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    That was a pretty good job.
    The first half worked better - the narrative was better and I thought the attention to detail was better with the filming, lighting, composition and effects.
    Maybe the second half relied more on understanding the dialogue - I don't know as I'm, monolingual.
    I loved the characters you created, and I loved the "noises" they made instead of dialogue. That reminded me of Pingu!

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    J'approuve Tim, c'est très bon. Je peux vous voir y avoir mis beaucoup de pensée et de travail et vous devriez être fiers du résultat. C'est une histoire bête mais bizarre qui m'avait gloussant partout dans. La seule chose je regarderais le fait d'améliorer votre film suivant est l'enregistrement du son.

    Bien fait.

    I agree with Tim, this is very good. I can see you have put a lot of thought and work into this and you should be proud of the result. It is a silly but funny story which had me chuckling throughout. The only thing I would look at improving on your next film is the recording of the sound.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for both of your useful comments! I had difficulties with the second half of the movie due to the size of my green-screen that is not taller than me. I didn't succeed to get the shots I wanted. Let's just say that my resources are rather limited. I have my Mac, my Fz-35 wich recorded the sound, a window in the dining room wich gave me light from 10:00 to 3:30 and that's it. :P

    Yes, I'll look at the sound recording for my next movie. I only had my Apogee One after all my shots were recorded, I will see if I can do something with it instead of the built-in microphone of my camera!

    Thanks again!

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