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I hope it's ok to send through this press release. If not, please disregard. We're a new software company based in the UK so we're still finding our feet.

Anyway, here's our first press release:

Begin Press Release.

Final Draft Killer? Cut To: Movie Draft SE

Movie Draft SE screenwriting software is new and unique to the Mac App Store. Its streamlined, clean and uncluttered interface coupled with powerful writing tools allows you to create that next blockbuster screenplay with ease.

From the character & location profiles, to the index card view and its unique non-linear industry standard formatted color-coded editor, Movie Draft SE will change the way you write. Forever.

Tell me more…

Unlike other screenplay software, Movie Draft SE is not a word processor with added bells and whistles where you have to write your screenplay from the top down. Instead, it's unique Single Scene mode allows you to write non-linearly, that is, in any order you like! Want to write the ending first? No problem. How about the middle? Again, with Movie Draft SE it's a piece of cake. The built-in Scene List acts like an outliner and you can even view your scenes as index cards that you can rearrange to your heart's desire.

But I've already started writing my screenplay in another program...

No problem. Movie Draft SE can import many different formats, including Final Draft, Microsoft Word, SceneWriter Pro and good ol' plain text so you'll be able to carry on from where you left off right away. Additionally, Movie Draft SE can save Final Draft v8 (*.fdx) files so you can exchange your projects with Final Draft users from the outset.

Movie Draft SE is currently available at the introductory price of $19.99 / £11.99 from the Mac App Store and includes a friendly "Getting Started" guide and example project:


Movie Draft SE - the biggest advance in screenplay writing since the typewriter. Probably.

End Press Release.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

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Mark O'Neill.
Director, iikon Limited
"bring your script to life"