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    I've been editing on Premiere 6.0 for about ten years now, and i am in pre-production for a feature project.

    Premiere has been ok, but as a machine, she's gettin on a bit, plus the secondary hard drive of 55GB won't hold all of the rushes in one go... SO..... i've found a MAC G5 with FCP 5.1, which has two hard drives, each about 250GB, PLUS..... i'm gunna get a 2TB external hard drive to store all of the rushes.

    It's a two hour film and the shooting ratio is probably going to be 5-1... so 2TB should be way more than enough, with bundles left over, to ensure that it doesn't slow down and or crash... in theory.

    THING IS..... i've never used FCP before !

    Should i learn to use FCP myself, or should i look for someone who already knows how to use it, but has no working credits to their name?

    Media post-grad... someone like that.


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    I took a editing class on Final Cut Pro and have messed around with Premiere after that since I was told it was very similar to Final Cut. Its pretty close to the same layout. Still, if I was you, I would start cutting a small project on Final Cut, seeing what I could figure out, what I can't, write it down and get FC tutor for 1-3hrs and drop the questions I have on him, just to be safe.


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