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    Hey guy im new here, i hope im allowed to post this here, im looking for a team of skilled video guys who are passionate about directing and love to shoot videos and get creative with an unsigned artist in the UK Urban music scene. It doesnt pay, but would be great promotion as this artist is very talented and going to be seen in alot of places. The only thing is we need a team with your talents and abilities who are just part of the cause and want to shoot as many music videos needed for the artist and just grow together.
    I'd love to hear what some of your guys got to say as a response, please dont hesitate to email me at leaving contact details so that i can give you a call to discuss, also if you have any links to online stuff you have done, please let me know also.


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    That's an original idea!
    Sorry to be negative but we get regular requests like this.
    How about your very talented artist offer to write and record a score to someone's video for free, on the basis that he is credited and it will be great promotion for him.
    You will be looked on far more favourably if you offer to do something for someone else for free than if you request they do it for you for free.

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