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    hello guys, awesome work everyone, so here is my new action/horror short film vfx video, it's called DEMON and it is inspired in many movies i've seen, anyway i hope you like it and it would be great if you tell me what you think about it! Thanks!

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    Ok, you've got After Effects and you did a good job with it. BUT if you want to make a movie, remember that it should tell a story. This didn't say anything engaging to me. I know nothing about the people except they are some sort of supernatural. Who are they, Why did they fight, etc.. These are all points which should be addressed in a movie.

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    Have to agree with Midnight. Whilst I watched it through lost interest pretty quickly as it was just two guys fighting and I didn't care about either.

    You need to watch continuity. During the walk scene at the beginning, the guy was quite a distance from teh wall and quite close ito it in different shots. Check out the difference between 36 secs and 42 secs - look at him in relation to the shadow of the wall.

    Perhaps more importantly as this was an excercise in effects and colouring - look at the sky. Whited out in much of it, but a brilliant blue in a few shots.

    Just acouple of things to think about.

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    yeah you're right ,this short was merely visual, next short i'll try to work more on a convincing storie, thanks for the critics

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