We recently purchased a Mercury Rack Pro, 12TB storage rack from OWC, connecting it via firewire 800 to our MacPro Desktop. We are attempting to transfer over approx 8-10TB of material from several older hard drives- Lacie and G-tek 2 and 4TB drives.

Iíve come to understand that Apple within the past couple years changed there partition scheme from APM to GPT. When first attempted, any files I was pulling from the APM drives were getting rejected, error code -36 coming up.

This morning, I formatted a brand new GTEK drive to the GPT partition scheme and again pulled some files from the APM drive onto the newly-formatted GTEK drive; they all transferred over successfully. I then tried again to pull from the APM drive directly to the RackPro and this time the files were successfully transferred.

Can anyone tell me what might have occurred, or what could have reset to allow this? Are there any tips for now attempting to pull over an entire hard driveís files Ė 2-4TB worth , overnight, not manually, without getting them rejected.

Thanks for any insights you can provide.
-Richard Tarantino, EVTV