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    Question Need help with a slideshow

    I have just started with Vegas Platinum. As part of a video I need to create a slideshow which starts with a central picture with plain background, superimposes a full screen portrait which zooms out to make a lozenge top left, then a second portrait which zooms out to a lozenge left, and so on until you have a picture surrounded by seven mini portraits. Meanwhile a voiceover is saying: "Meet the people who gather every night at ..." Can this be done in Vegas, or is there some other software I should be using?


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    Yes, I think you can do this. It's quite a task for a beginner but good practice for you. The Sony Vegas help is quite good at explaining the different tools you will need. It may also help if you look for picture in picture tutorials on YouTube. Each picture needs to be on a separate tack. Use the Pan/crop tool to re-size the images and keyframes to do the motion you will have to use the cookie cutter to make the oval shape. Hope this helps get you started. Good luck.

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    Thanks. I'll have a shot.

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