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Thread: Need help merging 720p intro + 840*524 footage

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    Default Need help merging 720p intro + 840*524 footage


    I've been searching the forums for a while now, but haven't found much about my problem. Feel free to move this post if i'm in the wrong place.

    So I started a new project in Premiere Elements. It let's you choose the 'project resolution' at the start. I chose 1080p (as I always do).
    After rendering the edited footage. It appears i have the "textboxing" and "pillarboxing" issue (black bars horizontally and vertically). I tried different sizes and formats to no avail.
    I now have noticed that the source videos have a resolution of 840 * 524... . There is also an ident (small intro) we use, that has a resolution of 720p which needs to be added at the start.
    I really hope there's a way to solve this problem without having to redo the whole project as I have worked 5 hours on this one.

    So in short:
    - Is it possible that, having chosen 1080p in the beginning of the project and adding 840*524 videos is causing the problem?
    - Does the combination of 840*524 videos + 720p intro causing this problem?
    and is there a way to solve this without having to start all over?

    thanks in advance !

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    The problem is your setting your project at a higher resolution than either of the clips you're using, that's why your getting the black bars, to compensate for the difference in size.

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    Thank you for the quick response. Would you happen to know how to change the project settings or IF it's even possible to do that?

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    I don't use Premier elements so I can't really tell you the ins and outs, but you mention that you choose the project resolution to be 1080p, well it's at that point you want to change it to a smaller resolution to suit for footage. Is there a drop down menu that lets you choose different resolutions for your project?

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    I don't think it's the size so much it's more to do with the aspect ratios been the same. I don't use Premier so I can't say how to adjust the settings but I'm sure others can assist. 840 x 524 is not 16:9 aspect ratio but 1280 x 720 is. This could mean you will get a letter box on the 840 size clips if Premier is not told to match the clips.

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    That's right martchap. the only thing is, i'm afraid i won't be able to change the project settings of an already edited project.

    I hope anyone who is using Elemenst would be able to help me.
    Thanks for clarifying my problem, martchap.

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    This may be a stupid question, but I'm having issues with aspect ratio in Premiere Pro CS5. I am in the UK so use the Widescreen 16:9 PAL project default settings. Everything displays fine in the sequence and the videos look fine, but when I export, retaining the 720x576 settings, it squeezes the video to what looks like 4:3 when you play it in any player. If 720x576 isn't widescreen, why is it the default option when creating a new widescreen project? Any answers would be a massive help, I've torn out all but two of the hairs on my head!


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    It sounds like a pixel size problem with your rendering settings. ie you must have it set on square pixels it needs to be anamorphic or widescreen or 16:9 or what ever Premier uses for the pixel size setting. I use Sony Vegas so I can't tell you how to do it but that sounds like the area you need to look in.

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