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    Just for fun I composited this.
    It was shot in 720p on my Flip, then I motion tracked the tree in order to
    get the Death Star to sit into the shot, the birds are 3d and the Tie Fighter was built in photoshop.


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    I don't want to come accross like I'm slating this here, because it has good potential, but there are a few things that can be fixed.

    Your D.O.F is wrong, the death star and the tree are in full focus, that's great, a very wide D.O.F like would be desired for this shot, but the tie fighter is out of focus when it really would be within the acceptable range of focus, that needs fixed.

    There also seems to be a bit of undesired motion relating to the death star.This is a tricky one, as it should move, for perspective reasons, with slight difference to the tree (A good way to get this shot is to shoot the moon, and attach your deathstar to it).

    And your biggest problem is with the direction of the light source. The light on the rooftops is soft and from a different direction than the hard light on the death star, and the light on the tie fighter is from a different direction again.

    The birds are great, and the colour work is pretty descent, but the previous aspects need attention.

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    Thanks for the tips

    All the best Flip

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    Your really good with AE subbed you on youtube

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