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Thread: I want a free wedding DVD

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    Default I want a free wedding DVD

    So many times we see these posts - usually along the lines of "I have no money left over but I really want a video"

    The wedding is (or should be) the biggest (or certainly one of the biggest) days of our lives - so why leave it to chance?
    Would you have a wedding without a cake for instance? Or flowers? Or a posh frock? No - so why skimp on the one thing that'll preserve the day forever - long after the cake is eaten, the flowers have wilted and the frock has gone off to the charity shop..

    Now you could have your Uncle Ernie film it - but sod's law says he'll be stuck at the back of the church looking over peoples shoulders and miss the ceremony completely. Or you won't be able to hear the vows because his hand is accidentally covering the microphone. Or he'll get too pissed at the pre drinks ceremony, forget to press record or the footage will be shaky and out of focus.

    You could ask for a trainee or someone wanting to 'expand their portfolio' - BUT - will they have the expertise to do your big day justice? Will they know where to position cameras? Will they know how to rig sound equipment? Will they know where to be be at all those crucial moments? Will they turn up looking like a bag of sh*t when all your guests are there in their finery? Will they turn up at all? And most crucially - what are their editing skills like? What will your final DVD turn out like? Chances are - not great.

    All these things have to be thought out and planned for.

    Now - you MIGHT be very lucky and get someone who's capable of all that - but in reality folks - not very likely. I accept every wedding videographer has to start somewhere - but diving in and 'having a stab' whether it's free or not just isn't the way you'll want your day captured.

    So please - all you people getting married and being tempted to plead your way into a free or 'bargain basement' video - think again.

    Leave room in your budget for a professional wedding videographer. He (or she) will capture the day and the atmosphere in a way that a still photographer never can, and chances are he'll capture moments you miss completely... and whereas you'll probably put your still's album away and hardly ever look at it again - a good wedding DVD will keep you entertained over and over again...

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    Well observed Andy!
    Another cheap option seems to be "a friend' said he'd do it for us" - Problem? On top of the obvious calamaties in production - he only films your side of the family and his mates cause he's too shy to film other guests.
    Though I always advise any couple who are on a really tight budget, to get someone, anyone, to capture the memories. Ring us for advice and we'll help and as bad as their friend may be, once the day's gone . . . it's gone
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Well said Andy.

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