Hi guys,

I've been working in audio and post-production audio professionally for nearly six years now.

I've been doing professional work in in the music industry for about five years and have just recently turned my attention to video editors after having done a few projects for some friends a year ago (have been doing other projects constantly since then).

I'm now looking to turn it into a business and would like to build a portfolio. As that is the case, I'm offering free post-production audio engineering for the right candidates.

For those of you who don't specifically know what this means, it's essentially noise reduction of audio files, compression, equalization, mixing of several audio tracks and mastering. These types of projects can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on how much work is needed on the project.

I'm doing all of this for free to build a strong portfolio, so please only serious editors need apply. The only "payment" i require is the permission to use the final product in my portfolio, with due credit given to the creator/s.

If anyone is interested you can leave a reply here, although i don't check here much, or you can send me an email at Andrew_Guest@live.com.au.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing some killer videos!

Cheers guys.