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    Im having trouble with sony vegas transitions.It glitches everytime I add a transition such as cross fade.You see the frames twitch a little and I don't know why it does that.the weird thing is,it only does it when I use a mpg file type.I did a converian to wmv file but it comes out glitchy during playback but comes out fine in the render.I use sony vegas hd platinum 10 a sony camera 640x480(VGA) and a hp pavillion S.E 4 GB ram,3.2 ghz intel pentium dual core,7200rpm HD.does anyone know why this happens?

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    Normal behaviour.
    Playback in the preview window is precisely that - a preview. It's the rendered output that counts.
    Realtime preview is different from rendering. The fact that rendering can take much longer than ealtime playback indicates that a lot more is gioing on. With more going on (eg transitions) the preview window may struggle to keep up.
    This is why we have different settimngs for the preview window - from Draft, where picture quality is sacrificed in order to maintain framerate, which you use for time critical edits (eg to a beat in music) through to Best, where frame rate is sacrificed but you get accuarate image and colour.
    If you want to see the results of your edited section in high quality and at the correct speed, you can "Selectively Prerender Video", "Render to new Track" or "Build Dynamic RAM preview". Some other NLEs always re-render the relevant section as soon as you edit which is how they achieve high quality and correct frame rate. The downside to this is yiou always have ti wait for a re-rended with every edit. With Vegas you get to chose.

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    Yes, Tim is right (as ever). I usually select a small section from the Timeline which includes the transition and then press Shift + B which gives you a real picture of what the final outcome will look like.


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