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Thread: Trail Version only 32 bit? Frequent lock ups, unable to render video.

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    Default Trail Version only 32 bit? Frequent lock ups, unable to render video.

    As far as I know, sony vegas is 64 bit software. I have the trial version of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0. I also thought the only limitation to sonys free trial was that it lasted 30 days. I have a little bit of computer knowledge. Im just learning about 32/64 bit software stuff and was thinking "well maybe it just installed in the wrong folder (program files x86), thus making it act like 32 bit software". So I tried reinstalling it but it keeps forcing it to the x86 program files folder.... indicating to me that its 32 bit software. As far as I know anything in the x86 programs files folder is 32bit software. I have 6 GB of memory w/ win7 home premium 64 bit, and I cannot render a video because its telling me the memory is too low, try freeing up memory by closing other windows. When I look in the task manager, only about 2.3gb (out of 5111MB total) are ever being used.

    Is the trail version of vegas limited to 32 bit / Is it only the pro version of vegas that has the 64 bit?
    Or is something wrong somewhere else?

    The program also frequently crashes even when viewing it in draft quality. Simple edits or anything can cause it to crash.

    The behavior of the crash: im watching a video (draft quality) and suddenly the video in preview stops and it locks up.. audio continues playing however. I hit enter immediately to stop it from previewing (hopefully to unlag it) and the audio does stop indicating it stopped playing. But that has no effect on whether or not it recovers, once that preview video stops theres no way to get it back to a responsive state.

    Other specs:
    Intel Core i7 970 @ 3.2 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce 480 GTX
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    Vegas Movie Studio is 32 bit only.
    Vegas Pro has both a 32bit and a 64 bit version.
    As for the low on memory business, it's not something I've encountered, but I seem to recall some threads where people are talking about changing the "Dynamic Ram Preview Max" (Options | Preferences - video tab) to overcome meory issues.

    I have however, experienced similar crashes. In my case I discovered a rather bizarre workaround. I would apply an audio FX to the sound track of the event where it crashed and (assuming I didn't actually want the FX) simply untick it. You might think that this pointed to an audio that Vegas was having difficulty decoding, but this trick even worked when the "problem" events were clips rendered (using DV avi) from Vegas!

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