Hi there,

I'm new to this forum, so, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong category/or if the topic exists somewhere already.

I have just dug out my Canon HG10 camcorder that I purchased a couple of years ago, but which never got used.

I have taken some test video shots and transferred the MTS files to my computer.

The problem is that although the files should be in HD, the quality appears really poor, the video keeps freezing, and the sound is waaaay ahead of the picture.

I've tried editing the files in Corel Video Studio Pro X3, and it's impossible as the image seems to be in slow motion/keeps freezing (the sound is fine) and therefore the image and the sound is not syncronized.

I wonder what the issue is? Is my computer (I'm running 32-bit Windows Vista) not compatible with HD files, or are they some sort of compressed files?

Is there a way of solving this problem??

Million thanks in advance.