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    Default What to do with

    I've got a domain that's currently sitting doing not very much at all. I simply haven't had the time nor the inclination to do much about it.

    But I'd like to change that, so if anyone's got any PS2, Xbox, Gamecube or any other console/PC/real-life football goals captured (or even the gamesave replays) drop me a line and I'll start making a collection. Hey, it's a start!

    Or if ayone's got a better idea, I'm open to suggestions...
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    did you catch the Super Bowl last night?

    There was one cute little goal (I forget who) but he did a little ballarina dance jump into the endzone. I think it might have been the one when the Panthers tied it at 29-29.

    Also, Justin Timberlake pulled off quite an interesting little wonder-goal himself. When I saw that, I thought to myself, "Did I just see Janet Jacksons tit?" Sure enough....

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    American Football's not the most popular of sports here in the UK (and that's without even starting the whole "we call in Football, you call it Soccer" conversation )

    ... that being said, I was addicted to John Madden '92 on the Megadrive (ok, Genesis in the states ) as a kid - even though I never really got to grips with the plethora of plays available and generally just opted to throw the ball as long as possible and hope for the best!
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    Default were talking about what we natural-resourse depleting, planet polluting, greedy oil-mongers (americans) call "soccer." Otherwise, you probably would have said "touch-down." Whoops.

    I was into John Madden football on sega genesis in the early 90's too.

    I propose that "football-American" be changed to armball or tackleball, so as to help us yanks avoid these confusions.

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    Hmmmm in May I'm doing the Hendon FC Goal of the Season Competition, you had any luck with this then?

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    A SERIOUS lack of motivation means it's still just at the idea stage LOL
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