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    I wanted to introduce myself and ask for a couple of directions. I've started looking through the forum, and I'm guessing most of what I want to ask has already been covered many times.

    I'm totally new to this, my background is in sound, but I know manage 11 stand up comics and I am in the process of putting together showreels for my clients.

    So far I've relied on mates, like Mike Thorpe, to help me in this, but I decided it is time to learn for myself.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some useful newbie style threads? Associated with extracting video from DVD and editing it, making it suitable for web that kinda thing.

    Also, I apologise, as I'm sure this is in the wrong section but it seemed the closest to.

    Thanks, and hello to you all.
    I\'m new - blame Mike

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    Hi Lee.
    My core business is bands, artists and the like and producing DVD showreels for them.
    Drop me a mail if you need any help, direction, or anything else.
    (Oh, and Welcome! )


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