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    Hey all!

    This is m fifth part of my ShOrTiE-football freestyle-series. In this episode I made more football freestyle. Tell what you think about the video and editing! Negative comments are also welcome=)
    Remember to watch in HD

    Hope you like it!

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    I liked the opening shot with the ipod. I think you're at the stage with your videos, if you want to improve them, where it's time to find a second person to operate the camera. You would benefit from having someone moving around you as you do your tricks. Also someone to zoom in for close ups at the appropriate time etc. I think this is your best vedio to date.

    Well done.

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    Thanks! Glad you liked the opening=) Yes,I have thought that. I get sometimes ideas when I am filming,so I'll need a good cameraman=D
    But maybe I get a cameraman to my next video=)
    Thanks again!

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    Hi, I got a look at the vid, and I think, while the ideas are great, you could do a MUCH better job picking better scenes and work on your composition (use the rule of thirds, if you're not familiar with it -> google, it's really easy). You should take better care of picking and arranging your scene properly, all is in the details and you have neglected many details on many scenes (people walking around, irrelevant objects etc...)

    There are some "key" shots I'll use to illustrate my comment

    The shot at 46' is good looking, but you shouldn't be standing in the middle of it (see: rule of thirds)
    the shot at 53' is a good example that you are perfectly able to execute a very nice looking shot
    at 1'04", do we really need the garbage can in the middle of our screen ?
    a 1'33", again, nice shot, but why are you standing in the middle when you have a perfect spot on the right of the scene (village on the left, you on the right), again, rule of thirds

    You look like a very creative individual, if you pay more attention to how you build your scenes, you'll do some awesome vids. Again, I think the details are the key. Now it also depends on the context itself, but as it looks that in this vid, the subject is nothing but you juggling with the ball, anything that is neither relevant to your subject (you) or your image composition (or scene) should be removed if possible. If not, either do something with it (use it in your composition or maybe juggle with it) either pick another shot, or you could just ignore it if you can't really do otherwise, but generally what I do is

    1. pick another scene
    2. don't see it until I'm facing my computer (d'oh)

    but if you didn't do it already, go and check out photography tutorials, this is where you can learn how to actually "build" your scene in a graphical, aesthetic way.

    edit: I just wanted to add, about the rule of thirds, while it's not "mandatory" to use it, it's a good thing to know about it and be able to use it as a general rule. But if you stumble upon a nice looking shot where you stand in the perfect middle of it, by all means do it (you can check out my "saarbrucken yoyo trip" video on my previous post. I do a lot of centered scenes), the point is to have nice looking pictures, and the rule of thirds is the most basic way to get there and have nice looking and very dynamic images, but while very important, again, you don't HAVE TO use it ALL THE TIME.
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    Thanks a lot,Hadoq! I will look those rule of thirds=) And thanks a lot about the other advice,its really nice that I can get advices here from the pros like you and midnightblue as example=)

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