If any members can give me advice regarding the following I shall appreciate it:
My Sony camcorder has come to the end of its life (I dropped it!) and needs to be replaced. However I cannot make up my mind whether to upgrade to an HD camera. Bearing in mind I use the camera for holidays and some formal occasions where there is an after dinner speaker. Because my hands are not too steady I mainly use a tripod. I use Sony Vegas 8 to edit and burn to a DVD for me and my friends (I try and limit the finished video to one DVD). I realise that with HD I will have to upgrade Vegas to 10. I do not want to spend a lot of money on the camera and have noticed that there are some good Pocket camcorders on the market, either Sony, Toshiba or Hitachi. Taking the above into account I would ask the following questions:
1) Should I stay with my present format or go for HD
2) What camcorder do members recommend and would a pocket camera suit my needs
Any advice will be appreciated - Many thanks