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    I've used green screen several times very happily, but wonder if members can help with a specific look I want - I've searched, but can't find the answer!

    What I need is a small newsdesk background, rather than one of those huge and somewhat overbearing virtual sets you seem to find everywhere.

    I'd like to find something that's very suitable for a single journo to sit behind, with hopefully a green screen space/monitor/alpha channel to drop footage into.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

    PS - the pimp the links below are all to dead sites . .
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    News shows often have a backdrop of the adjacent office. In some cases it's just a glass panel. Some news broadcasts have a feed facing a certain building.

    If you're looking for stock footage to chroma key onto a greenscreen behind the newsreader, I'd suggest filming inside an office, or recording footage of a well known building. I shot footage of trees in a local park when I created a newsreader scene in my film.

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