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    Hey guys, the name is Bobby. I'm wanting to do some video editing for my church but I need some help on how to do something. I have a video of a mini rc helicopter with a postcard taped to the front of it kind of flying towards the camera. I was wondering if there was a way to put another video inside the postcard with it moving and everything? Any help would be much appreciated! Doesn't matter what software I use either, I'm downloading a trial version of Sony Vegas right now but if there's an easier way to do it let me know!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gobbyparts View Post
    ..but if there's an easier way to do it let me know!..
    Well Bobby - your thread title is 'New to Video Editing'. The job you want to do is possible - but it takes practice, skill and alot of time and effort. If however you want to give it a go - you'll need to employ at least two tools in tandem. Track Motion and either Chroma Keying or Masking.

    You need to start by making the postcard transparent. If the card is plain white (or any other SOLID colour) and NOTHING else is the same colour on the video, you can probably chroma key the card out easily enough, and put your other video under the transparency. Then by using Track Motion and keyframing keep it moving along with the postcard. If the top video has lots of other areas the same colour as your postcard. then Chroma wont be the answer, Instead you'll need to use Masking and literally cut a hole in the video where the card is. The rest of the process is as it was above.

    I suspect the card will be moving quite alot so you'll need a good grasp of Keyframing to keep the 'underneath' video steady where the postcard was and matching its movements probably almost frame by frame.

    A skilled editor could probably achieve this in a few hours if it's a short clip of maybe ten to fifteen seconds - as a newbie prepare to spend several weeks getting it right and still not be happy with what you've done.

    This is why good editors cost money.

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