Hi all

I recently tried to export an AVI from a Flash animation I'd put together in SwishMax 3. The image quality came through perfectly fine in the resultant AVI, but the playback was very jerky - though the playback was correct in terms of syncing with the audio, the animation stuttered as if frames were missing from the export. I use an export framerate of 25 (same as the animation), and I prevent Swish from interfering with the framerate as the file exports, so this should give relatively smooth playback.

This doesn't feel like an issue with the program - I can export to SWF and the playback is perfectly smooth. Nor does it seem like a hardware issue, as I've upgraded this PC heavily recently and still have the same problem. I've tried with both Xvid and Divx codecs, at various settings (quality versus filesize) and had exactly the same result.

Any suggestions as to what the problem could be? Any help appreciated.