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    I have a question with what program did they do this effects

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    I have no idea. But it made me laugh.

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    Excellent, that was good to watch, but noones going to be able to tell you what software they used, not unless they know from the makers for certian. What type of software/tools can be told.

    You'd need a 3d modeling/rendering program, a compositing program, a non liner editor, a colour correction program and a sound editing program.

    But even then the 3d software may (probably will) have compositing tools, and the NLE may (probably will) have colour/sound tools, and a limited amout of editing may be possible in the compositing tool wich will definately have colour tools etc. etc.

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    here is the behind the scenes:

    as far as I know freddie and brandon (and in this case CorridorDigital who helped them with the video) use 3DS Max, RayFire and MentalRay - I've also heard them refer to vRay - for all the 3D stuff. Other than that they usually use adobe after effects, and maybe final cut pro.
    If you want to get into those sorts of things try CGsociety for help - they have a really good forum on the website-, but be warned the programs cost a hell of a lot (500+ each), unless you are willing to work with Blender which is actually a very good program, and free, but that has a steep learning curve and is very hard to achieve the same professionalism with.

    Hope that helps, and if you want to be sure you can always drop them a line on their e-mail or twitter (their e-mail is currently having problems with spam bots). They are usually really good at answering.
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