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Thread: Jon Counts To 100,000

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    Default Jon Counts To 100,000

    I posted the trailer for this a few weeks ago, well now you can watch the movie.

    I think this is the longest video on youtube.

    Somehow I got the 74 hour long video to be about 1.41GB

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! 74 hours, YouTube should give you an award.

    You have started something now moldy. I expect copy cats trying to out do you.

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    I would be suprised it anyone makes a longer video anytime soon.

    It is harder than you might think to make one this long since almost every video editor limit their timelines to 12, or 24 hours....

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    I never even thought of that so how did you over come that problem.

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    Here is a follow up video

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