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Thread: What do you guys think about that?

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    Default What do you guys think about that?

    Please guys, help me improve my video skills. What do you think about my recent video? Comments are much appreciated. Feel free to like and share the video on the internet.

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    Generally I thought it was good. I thought you might have over done it with the glide-cam. I think I only spotted one still shot. You had the shaky POV shot and the sliding shot but there are other tricks in the bag. Having said that you did keep my interest to the end. Nice sound scape as well.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for your comment. Yes, i realized that i overdone my slider shots. Also POV shots are some basic ideas i used. Next time i'll try to use more diversified shots. Which trick about POV shots did you mean?

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    I ment there are other ways to film something other than just using your glidecam for ever shot. Like the camera been still.

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    Yeah, i agree. If you use nothing else than a glidecam for every shot it gets boring and monotone touch. In future, i'll definately use variety of different shots. Tnx

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    No much to add other than I thought you used music & sfx very well. Although I thing the berathing could have been a bit heavier.

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