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Thread: Bad Advice: Impress A Girl By Performing Unlicensed Surgery

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    Whilst it is true that content is all important, it is essential that the essence of that content comes across. The technical execution of this film did its best to destroy the content.

    I thought the idea was good. I thought the script was pretty funny. I thought the acting was good. I *think* the delivery was good, but I'm not 100% sure for reasons below. And the girl was utterly believable as te guy's object of desire.


    The filming was poor. It was shakey, exposure was all over the place, we couldn't really read the placard the "patient" was holding.
    The sound was poor. The background music interfered with the voiceover and teh voiceover was distorting. I'm concerened that the v/o was spoken a little too fast, but it may be that if it was recorded more leanly and thus more audible it would be fine.

    BUT ... then again

    some of the ideas in te filming were good - there were some good POV shots, a good "running across the screen" chase, the baseball bat hits were comically done without any obvious violence.

    And the sound FX were perfect.

    I suspect a lot of the poor fiming comes down to the fact that you were shooting in the rain and thus not giving it as much time/attention.

    Solution: Wait! Famous directors have been know to run up huge budgets by waiting weeks for exactly the right conditions.

    Still, content rles and this gave me a laugh!

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    Glad you liked parts of it at least

    Yeahh we did kind of rush it because of the rain (it was REALLY horrible...our pants were literally flooding.) We decided to pursue it anyways because

    1. scheduling
    2. we didn't know how bad it was going to be until we were actually out there so we said "fuck it..might as well go for it"

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