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Thread: Rendering HD footage. Reduce Huge size?

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    Default Rendering HD footage. Reduce Huge size?

    Hi, hoping you can help.

    I have matched the media settings of my footage in Sony Vegas 7 and results are as follows.

    HDV 1080-50i (1440x1080, 25.000 fps)

    I am rendering a 3 minute film and the file size is over 1GB!

    How would I reduce the file size but keep the same video quality?

    I hope someone can help.

    Many thanks

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    What format are you rendering ? 1 Gb is not dramatically large file size for HD footage I would expect a 3-5 min video to be around that size but you can reduce the file size using a format like HDV 1080-50i template. Click on the custom button and you will have to reduce the bit rate and the quality slider until you get the balance of quality and file size. If you wanted to be more drastic you could down size it to 1280 x 720 which could still be a good enough quality for you but only you can judge that.

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    I was rendering as WMV.

    If I made a 30 minute film in HD and wanted to put it on DVD, the file size would surely be to big to put on the disc?

    I will try what you suggested.

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