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Thread: Working on a film for my school

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    Default Working on a film for my school

    My school is having a contest to see who can make the best movie. It has to be a 15-30 minute long movie about drunk driving. All we get is the topic, we don't get any funding from the school or anything. The drama class at our school has agreed to let us use some of their students though as actors.

    I'm a freshman (only 14 years old), but I have a passion for filmmaking. I'm also a good writer, so I'm thinking about writing the script.

    I'm fairly new to actually making a scripted movie like this, so can I please have some answers to these questions?

    1) Is it possible to rent cameras/equipment rather than buying? If so, what camera should I rent?
    2) What editing software should I use, Final Cut?
    3) Is it possible to maybe get some destroyed cars from a junk yard? What I'm trying to make is a movie about drunk driving, and there is going to be a crash scene in it, so I'll need to get some destroyed cars.
    4) Also, will the police let me put out some cars on a road, or will I need to get permission beforehand?

    I know a couple of guys who can help me. One of my friends is really good with music (I mean really good, he makes money making music for game companies, and he's only 14).

    Also there is the issue of money. Are there organizations willing to invest in projects like this, with the hopes that it will raise awareness of drunk driving?


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    In answer to question 1. Yes you can rent cameras but if you have no budget I would send out the feelers to borrow one from a relation or friends dad etc. Question 2. If you have a Mac then Final Cut is your only option if you have a PC then go for something like Sony Vegas or Premier. Question three yes you can buy junk but can you afford to buy junk and then have it moved around and where would you store it etc. Question 4. You would definitely need permission to to do that.

    As for your final point, who's got money theses days, no one I know.

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