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    Default please vote for my video -

    Your Nitro video is now available on Facebook, you are now ready to share it!

    Here is a few sharing tips to help you win the Nitro Jibber-Filmer Contest :

    1-Get your friends to visit and like our fan page.
    Nitro Snowboards Canada | Facebook

    2-Get your friends to watch your video on the video section of our fan page!
    The more they ‘’Like’’ and comment your video, the more we will be impressed!

    3-Get your friends to post and share your video all over Facebook!
    Here is the link of your video :

    Share to win!

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    Nice video! The footage and editing is good. Colour is very flat though. Have you thought of using something like magic bullet to grade the colour and boost it?

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    I love your video as far as snowboarding and filming is concerned, but you could improve the editing. Try to use basic effects such as contrast, brightness and fast colour correction to improve the colour quality of the picture. Even if you're completely new to the program you're using or new to editing at all, it can do miracles.

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