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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Rendering Problem

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    Unhappy Sony Vegas Pro 8 Rendering Problem

    Hey guy's, so recently i've been working on this "large" project about my mates from the game Counterstrike Source.

    I've spend biiploads of time on editting this video, and it's about 4minutes long.

    However my Sony Vegas Pro 8 crashes every single time i try to render my finished product. I've never had any similiar problem with Vegas before. Tried rendering in different codecs, different video files and so on, but it still seems to crash halfway through the rendering process.


    I'm using Windows 7 64bit version.

    Hope you can help me, sincerely KozmoCSS

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    Sounds like something on the timeline Vegas isn't happy with. Try identifying where the crash happens - I'm betting it's the same place every time?

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    Yes, it crashes arround halfway. Same spot everytime.

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    Bumping, really need help on this one guys.

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    So, watch what clip it's crashing on. Remove any effects on that clip. Drag a preview area over the clip, then try rendering out just that area. If that works, add the effects back one at a time 'till it crashes again. It's a process of elimination, so no quick fix. Or just replace the clip?

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    Hey all, Mine was crashing every time I tried to render my project and I had tried every rendering/project setting under the sun with no avail. Well I finally found a fix! Go to your options>preferences>video and set number of threads to 1. Mine was set to four and it would crash. After I changed it to 1 it renders flawlessly! Also vegas will some times crash when your project color settings are set to 32bit, try 8bit it may fix the issue as well.

    Hope this helps someone.

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