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Thread: I Need A Decent Video Editor [PERSON] For A Music Video

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    Default I Need A Decent Video Editor [PERSON] For A Music Video

    I know this is my first post and this may look fishy. But this was the best site that was referred to my by my friends for help on the Music Video stuff. anyways...

    Hey, I'm looking for a good video editor. This is for my friend who trying to get big in the Music business, I have a couple of gigs lined up for him this summer over here and there in Michigan. But we don't have a video but this is just a beginner type video doesn't have to be the best, but just something to get him exposed to people.

    I already have the footage but i need someone to cut/merge and polish it. if you need more details message me or if you think you are a candidate message me.

    Most think i mean software.. i need a PERSON. an editor

    If you want just message me on ~~ thats my yahoo messenger

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    Avail of my services for Motion graphics : contact: See my portfolio on Youtube
    YouTube - beautiandthebeast001's Channel

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    I would like to know more (like paulears asked) but I would definitely consider trying my hand at it.. but I am not a professional at it..

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