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    Hello guys, I'm new at the forum, you made an awesome work ! i have made a couple of short films , i'm kinda new at this, so it would be awesome for me if you guys can check them out and tell me what you think about them Thanks a lot and leave a comment!

    [2nd Video Deleted]

    I hope you guys enjoy them
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    Ok it's a fun piece but watch your continuity. Also how many bullets did you shoot from a six shooter gun ! I didn't like the colour work you did on it but I'm getting old but the younger viewer may like it. You had some good elements and a good variety of shots which help make the piece more watchable. Don't have such a long title sequence at the beginning of a short video nearly 1/5 of the viewers time is too much, if you add the credits to the end it would be better. Just a 5 second title at the beginning is all that's needed.

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    I highly appreciate your feedback and especially for your kind words, thanks a lot for your observations, they will help me a lot in my future videos ,Right now I'm working on a new video and hopefully you can see it and tell me what you think about it. Thanks again!

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    I've deleted the second video - please post it again in a new thread. One video per thread please or comments become confusing.

    As for the first, I thought this was pretty well done. I quite liked the colouring - though it did give a rather alien world look to the piece. Some of the shaky footage was just a tad too much for me (either too much shake, or too long a duration) but it was used effectively and appropriately. I particularly liked the gradual tilt at aound 1.07 and the slo-mo interspersed with jump cuts (and appropriate sound hits) around 1.34 although the slo-mo sections were again a tad long.

    The muzzle flashes looked OK but the blood splatter in the penultimate scene was not at all convincing: my daughter asked why he'd shot the wall!

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