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Thread: Coproduced "Logitech Vx nano" short video

  1. Default Coproduced "Logitech Vx nano" short video

    If you liked "my mouse" and "horror mouse", this is a little different short video for same competition. I helped a friend with this video, a lot. He won the competition too, he got last fifth place and for a reward a keyboard (if I remember right). We mostly recorded with canon 550D, and a little with my canon hg10 camera. Edited a little and voila, a car-style commercial for a computer mouse, lol.

    If had time to spare and resources, we could fix and added better scenes... but who cares, at least it was fun playing with lights.

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    Hah ha ha! Loved it. you're right about "car-style". It says everything about sapiration and absolutely nothing about what the product can do.
    Very good - just one of two of the camera movements were not quite as smooth as teh object they were shooting.

    EDIT: typo above - sapiration? should be aspiration!
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    tnx for the comment. Yes, some camera movements were very bad... we had a photo stativ not a video camera one. Photo-camera stativ is the worst thing to do such movements.

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