Hi , I am looking for someone who might be able to assist our team with a web page intro , non of us are familiar with adobe flash or Vegas pro which seems would be the programs more than likely used for this application.

We have all the sound files and art work needed , and if more is needed we can easily get.

Essentially what we are looking for is an intro to our website. A song, with spoken dialog, will start playing, when a drum beat hits I want a lens flare to pan a word the dialog will continue, another drum beat will hit , again a lens flare will pan on another word, again dialog drum hit and lens flare for the last word ... at the end of the dialog the narrator emphasizes the word "EXAMPLE" which would then appear in the middle of the screen , then in would fade the other 3 words that go above it.

The big thing is I would want the word EXAMPLE to catch on fire, then below it fades in the "enter" button to the site.
All the graphics would be provided, as well as the song and dialog, we just need some one to put it together.

Our budget is stretched, but we are not looking for hand outs so this is a paid job, it just won't pay what it probably merit's
Let me know if this is something you can do and would be interested in doing.

Thank You for your time
Jensen Blair
Also Id like to add , that I do not know what the stock effects of the above mentioned programs are, if the word in flames would have to be animated on our end, it could be done , we would just need a little time.