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Thread: Sony HVR Z1 tape footage - inexpensive options for deck to upload to PC ?

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    Default Sony HVR Z1 tape footage - inexpensive options for deck to upload to PC ?

    I have a bunch of HD tapes shot with a Sony HVR Z1 and I need to get the footage on a hard drive but do not have access to the camera. I can rent a deck but it is $200 a day and I need it for at least 2 days - $400. I am looking to possible buy an older camera (that is compatible with the tape) to use as a deck. Any ideas of what kind of camcorder would work /

    I looked into Sony's consumer camcorder HVR - HC series (HC3,5,7,9) since they shoot in HD and are also a tape. Does anyone think that this camera would work for a deck ? Any other options ?


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    In regards to above, meant to say was looking at Sonys H "D" R (HDR) HC series of cameras...

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