Hello, First time post but will be alot more.

I have been making horror movies with friends etc. I have not been doign it for 3 years and before that we used ALL MiniDV. I now want to buy a HD camera (Panasonic). My main issue is i want to finish a documentary on my friend that was started 10 years on Mini DV. But i want to use video shot in the future that will be HD that will be included with the HD. What are my issues or problems here. I bascily want to keep all the old MiniDV video and included current HD scense but I feel i'm mixing MiniDV and HD will mess me up? Any ideas or am i wrong?

When i encode it at the end i want to keep the 1080i but that means my MiniDV will looking bad? I', really not sure. I have not bought the camera and have not tested it yet. How do i mix the old and the new????? While keeping the video qauilty and having HD for the new materail...

Any advice?

Will probabley buy a Panasonic HD for around 800 CAD, I habe a XPS with 2720QM.