I have had a big struggle to find a way to publish my iMovie project online as a flash video.
I don't want to use Youtube or other public sites. I need to get the video to my Wordpress blog.

I have a Flowplayer installed already but the iMovie project when exported comes as .m4v file and .m4v files don't play well the webb.

I have understod that the best file format for the webb is .mp4. If I export the video through Advanced settings-MPEG4 in iMovie but the video becomes VERY bad in quality. Can't see anything on the video.

I would really need help with this problem.

How to convert or produce and export the video in iMovie so it suits better for webb. I guess it should be .mp4.

I used also a converter Total Video Converter, but my iMac couldn't read the final file even when it was .mp4.

Apple - Downloads - Video - E.M. Total Video Converter

I appriciate your help.

I also tried the encoding services but they where way over my ability. encoding.com, heywatch.com