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    Default Institutional Video Angency IDEA

    Hi guys, this is my first post here, and IŽd like to show you this video that I made for the ad agency that I work.

    C&C are welcome!

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    That was obviously a good idea, make an ad but use restricted content so it can't be viewed! :(
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    Hi there ....... not too bad at all, there are moments of greatness and a few not so great (but I guess you know which ones), overall good try though. Here's my feedback, and apologies in advance if it's a little blunt, bit tired this morning.

    Personal feel is? it could do with a few establishing shots - Where are you, Whats around you and a little less split screen, sometimes less is better. Loose the model get someone "Sexy" & "Geeky", you also need to see company name a little more, as I write this to you I can't remember the name? Hope this helps cheers Noel ............. you might like to check out this piece I did for .......... simple but effective. Filmit Training Video & e-Learning production for Websites and Business - Dublin Ireland UK Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanA View Post
    That was obviously a good idea, make an ad but use restricted content so it can't be viewed! :(
    And include a clearly visible brand name for a company who will not be best pleased to be associated with a company that uses restricted content.

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