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    I want to make a video flipbook with photos and videos, or just photos. Can anyone advise me on a tutorial, or inexpensive software or freebie to do this. I currently only have PPro 1.5, Prem Elements 4 and CS2 Photo shop. Many thanks for your replies.

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    What exactly do you mean by a video flip book.

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    My apologies, a flip book is a book that is animated that opens to reveal the pictures in the book, turning pages at a timed interval, maybe done with a flash software ? Or possibly with effects in PPro?. I hope that clarifies things. Thank you

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    So you want to print each picture and put them in a book ? That is do able. How many pages and how long is the clip ?

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    MB I want to create a video photo album, i would need to create graphic files in photoshop, one being the cover page of the album and the next would be a page (matte?) which would be the page that allows me to overlay the videos resized, and pictures as well, i would I think need to apply a 3D effect filter to allow the pages to flip. Clips would be short 10 secs or so.Hope this helps, thanks for your reply.

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    Right, I'm with you now. A sort of animated photo album. I don't know Premier Pro so I can't give you specifics but it sounds like you have the general idea. You would have a bunch of picture in pictures on the screen, overlaid on your graphic of the book and then use a page turn transition or something like that.

    There is software made to do the page flipping, I've never used it but something like THIS might help

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    Thanks MB I downloaded the trial period software and will play with it. Thanks again.

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