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Thread: Click and Pops being added to audio

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    Default Click and Pops being added to audio

    I have an annoying problem when editing videos that I import from my digital camcorder. For some reason when I start to make any changes, little clicks or pops are added to the audio and I donít know what is causing these. I have many examples and if you listen to [video=youtube;XIrZVu4HNMw]"]here[/URL] 45 seconds in and at the end of this piece [URL="[/video] I just added there are a load right at the end at 1:37 with some very big pops.
    What frustrates me is that when I first load the movie into Vegas Movie Studio itís totally clean but when I go to make any edits then these appear. Sometimes they even disappear but usually when they happen they are there indefinitely. I have turned off any programs running in the background and still nothing makes any difference. Is this a known issue or is it unique to me?
    Any help would be most appreciated
    Iím on windows XP pro using Sony Vagas Studio 90b Ė Canon Legria FS19

    I should add that these pops are there when I play the audio/video in the Vegas Movie Studio window or stage and not just there when I make a movie.
    Thanks very much
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    I suggest editing as you normally do...but in a different computer. Or try a reinstall?

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