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Thread: "Horror mouse" - Continuation of "my mouse"

  1. Default "Horror mouse" - Continuation of "my mouse"

    This was made as continuation of my mouse short-movie. It was actually just recompilation of some other video I made months before, then I just recorded and edited new scenes and voila. As if it was made half year before just for this moment ^^ The background music is from trailer clip of japanese animation - Sora no Otoshimono. This video didn't win the competition, but was great support for my wining one, cuz the audicence liked the idea of continuation. There were even suggestions how I should continue


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    I like the idea and the video itself but I can also understand why it was not chosen for the winner as I assume it was a contest for best commercial?

    It's also very nice to meet people from your country on foreign forums

    zdravo Juvan

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    Pozdravljen kolega =)

    It was actually a competition made by a local webshop with special attention to "Logitech" brand. It didn't matter what product from that company you choose to use in video. It was sort of a commercial, but they looked at creativity and the idea itself. I was even invited to do more such videos, if I get them a good script, they would even finance it ^^' Yea, great, but I still like more the idea of competition :P
    And i'm glad you like it

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    And lo and behold we get (almost) the shot I suggested as the closing shot of your winning entry!

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