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    A young adventurous earwig named Wiggy defies his parents wishes by crossing into enemy territory resulting in catatrophic consequences. With their leader killed and the city defenseless will Wiggy rise against Lord Spider to save Insectopolis and prove his own maturity and self worth?
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    This is just a mock of action/adventure trailers and such by using insects as the characters. The footage was not shot for the purposes of making this video. I just had a bunch of close ups of insects and decided to get creative with it. Any tips/advice/criticism on the transitions, sound, text, the lightning wasn't impressive enough etc...

    Thanks guys!

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    Quite a fun idea although with all the noise and that I wasn't entirely sure of the "plot".
    However, I think to make this work better you really need to get much higher quality shots of the insects. I think that will then keep the viewers' interest out of curiosity of the insects' world (we don't generally get to see insects close up) and the humourus script will be the icing on the cake.

    Funnily enough I saw just such a film on Friday - it was all just a close-up of a stag beetle making it's way from A to B, crossing foliage, nearly falling over etc. We saw its painfully slow progress. The script was the insect's thoughts as it made its way home from a stag party (of course), the worse for wear, trying not to stagger too much, and being careful not wake his wife or let her know he'd had too much. The idea and the script were good, but not really enough to carry the film without the excellent detailed shots of the beetle.

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    Thanks, for the advice Tim

    When you say noise do you mean that (for example) the music was to loud to hear their voices? If so was it at particular points in the video or was it throughout the whole video? Did you read the plot first and then watch the video or vice versa and did that help you in understanding what was happening?

    Higher quality would be great, my camcorder is only standard definition. Do you mean a higher quality picture (as in HD) or do you think I could have shot the insects at better angles?

    Sorry for all the questions mate, don't mean to bombard you.

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    When doing close-up work like this a tripod would make all the difference to your shots. It would help the image to be sharper and aid you/the camera to focus. When the camera is in macro mode the depth of field becomes very narrow so focusing on the right thing becomes more difficult and not using auto focus as the camera can not know what part of the image is the focal point.

    I thought the sound scape and voices were done well.

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    i reckon this has some mileage in it . like tim sys insect detail would be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A-doh-be View Post
    When you say noise do you mean that (for example) the music was to loud to hear their voices? If so was it at particular points in the video or was it throughout the whole video?
    Sorry, I should have been more precise. I found that background music was generally too loud when we were hearing the voices. It meant that as I was having to concentrate on working out what was being said, less of my attention was on the meaning of what was being said or the images.

    You are far from alone. It's a constant bugbear of many people that background music and ambient sound has increased over the years and it's becoming more difficult to hear dialogue. I think age has something to do with it as the ear becomes less able to distinguish between different sounds. Also many mixes sound great on a 5.1 system, where the dialogue is mixed to the central speaker and can be easily identied by its direction. This won't necessarily translate into a good stereo mix.

    But I digress: You could dip the background even more under the dialogue, but I suspect this will cause rather a nasty contrast with the "un dipped" sound. I'd be inclined to reduce the music volume overall in relation to the dialogue.

    Standard Def is capable of stunning pictures. As midnight has said, it's down to rock steady support and perfect focus.

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