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    This is a short movie made for a competition, and I won first place with it. (Got myself a stock of Logitech Z-5500 sound system :P )
    I made it myself, from recording to editing. Pretty much stop motion. Only the music was borrowed and edited a little.

    I'll post other videos I competite with them too, but only one won in the end.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, in my (slovenian) language "moja miška" means "my mouse".

    EDIT2: Continue to "horror mouse"
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    G'day mate,

    A nice little video, was this your first time experimenting with stop motion? You have fun making it? Some things i noticed or asked myself was why did the young man leave the computer? What I mean by that is that he was portrayed to be quite interested in what he was doing on the computer, his eyes were darting all over the screen and he was double clicking everything quite rapidly and then began typing quite enthuiastically. Was all of that meant to demonstrate how much the mouse (and computer) is used? Because then we can relate to why the mouse needed a break! Between the clip of the keyboard typing and putting his jacket on I feel there should have been a transition to imply time has passed, otherwise, like I said, I don't understand why they would be so interested in the computer and then leave so suddenly.
    It was easy to follow and understand that the mouse was moving around the house. Some people might have not taken enough shots so it's hard to tell what is happening. If anything though take more shots.

    Hope this helped, if even a little!

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    Thank you for your review, many things I didnt even consider, and I know, I made typical mistakes. With the first one, I started with my eyes, while I had to shot the place, where this wil be happening.

    I'm not exactly good filmer, but I had fun doing this, nextime I'll just do it better. But maybe you'll like the continuation of this short video :P

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    Funnily enough one thimg that didn't concern me was leaving the computer. I'm regularly clicking away avidly when I need to go out!
    Nice simple idea. The videoed shots were well lit, well composed and interesting. I'd have liked to have seen a shot from inside the fridge looking out - in fact that might have made a better closing shot - mouse and cheese in foreground and the fridge door closing - to black.
    Whilst I can see why you used the music (it works particulaly well with the jerky stop frame shots you chose), it was for me, and presumably anyone else who has a vague knowledge of the piece, wrong as it is so strongly linked with bumblebees.

    But i'm nit - picking. It was short, sweet and fun.

    Well done for the comp win.

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