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    I'm a video editing newbie that got into it just because I liked watching snowboarding videos as I though snowboarding is awesome.

    So far I have made perhaps five or six snowboarding videos and three parody videos which were really appreciated by my friends and I would love to show to you but are unfortunately in Slovene

    This is my latest project and the first one I have put a bit more time into the editing.

    I would really appreciate any critique, perhaps especially a bad one, as it would (probably) help me to improve further videos.

    Here's the link:

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    G'day mate,

    I love snowboarding! Only done it once in New Zealand. Your video gave a very chilled out vibe, big part due to the music choice. Was that how your day was snowboarding? Chilled out with your friends? I thought the run you did where you held the camera went way to long, definately shorten that A LOT or find a way to make it more visually appealling because we as the audience just see the front of the board in the snow. Film your surroundings or maybe have a friend go down with you so they can film you. My main point about that part of the vid is that although it may have been fun for you and you like how it turned out it's pretty much the same thing to the audience for the whole minute so avoid long winded scenes (I think the foggy ride on the chairlift near the beginning was the same thing).
    I liked how you didn't just show snowboarding the whole time, good videos also include clips of their surroundings and other things like you and your glove and going up the chair lift and boarding the bus. It establishes a certain feel for your video. So be conscious of that next as well if you're not already, film 'things' and scenery that will reflect your mood or vibe you want to put across in the video, it also breaks up the action and keeps the viewer interested.
    I would have liked to have seen a greater variety of angles, some slow motion and maybe invest in a tripod if you don't already have one so that it is not as shaky.

    P.S. Get one of those shots in slow motion where the boarder eclipses with the sun! You know the one I'm talking about? Love those.

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    Firstly, thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.

    I agree that the powder part should be even shorter (initially I had another minute and a half in the middle) to be appealing to an average viewer that is not so much interested in snowboarding itself.
    angles - noted
    slo mo - noted
    about the tripod thing - it takes quite some time to set it up, so you can't do it every run and therefore it looses a lot of appeal to me as I am not, as you can clearly see, a professional snowboarder. I agree it would improve the shots, but I would have to sacrifice a lot of snowboarding itself for it.

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    I think A-Doh-be has said it all really The only thing I would add is interspersing the onboad shots with the other shots a bit more like you did at around 3:20. It is to long for the none snow boarders.

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    Yeah, I can understand that about the tripod. I take a tripod to the gymnastics centre I train at and rarely end up using it simply because it's so much easier for a friend or myself to carry a camcorder around and press record when necessary than to take the time to set up the tripod.
    Do consider it though. You could set it up somewhere with the angle you want and then all your friends can snowboard/trick by it. Or one friend can sacrifice their run in order to follow you with the cam on the tripod. But yeah, I understand every run it would be inconvenient but for something different to experiment with would be a good thing

    I also forgot to mention to play around with some transitions between clips. Usually when you change the 'theme' (for use of a better word) for example, a transition would fit well between when you were snowboarding down the hill holding the cam and it then went to your various tricks from a much further away angle to what we (the audience) had just adjusted to. Does that make sense?

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    I agree with comments above, and I have to add one important note too; please, realy realy realy please, dont ever ever again use comic sanse fonts =) It's for your own good

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