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Thread: Whats the best platform for editing HD?

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    Default Whats the best platform for editing HD?

    Hi. I currently capture analogue (SVideo) sources through a Matrox RTX/2 SD using Première Pro CS4.

    I'm wondering however what I need to capture and edit HD sequences. Première can create HD sequences but the Matrox RTX/2 SD cannot capture digital HD, it being an SD card.

    I spoke to B+H in the US who suggest now upgrading to a Matrox MX02 for capture and using an Nvidia
    QUADRO 4000 PCIE X16 2GB, GDDR5 for acceleration. This is on the condition of also using Première CS5.

    What are your thoughts on all that? Is CS5 worth the investment? Is that the most effective solution for capture and editing, as the total cost is around 1500$.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Personally, for that budget I think it's the best option there is. The mercury playback engine in CS5 is excellent. With a higher budget I favour Avid Media Composer, and perhaps with the MX02 mini (I'm looking into this my self at the moment), but for me the box is more for preview purpose than capture. I work with HDV so all I really need is firewire for capture.

    Having said that, I've heard that HDMI capture can get the full 1920x1080 picture with the full 4:2:2 colour that my sensor captures before converting to 1440x1080 at 4:2:0 as it goes to tape. I've not looked any further into this yet, depending on what camera your planning on using, and how your planning on using it you may want to look into this. I'm thinking of live capture of green screen, if it works out that way it's great for my camera.


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    Hello (again) David. In fact I'm not a filmer (although I'd like to be), I'm a capturer ! I currently capture from [customer's] analogue sources mostly and in particular run a [small] telecinema outputting simple and super 8 in s-video. I capture VHS, S-VHS, Hi8, Slides (stills) etc. So as yet the demand for HD is limited, probably because people do a lot of capture from digital formats themselves (question?). The other side is doing montage, then bringing together all and any different formats ....

    If I start filming, Ive had an offer of a Sony 250p (DV Cam) which I need to evaluate. At 2500€ is that a good deal? Its not new (obviously) and then I'd have to find something to film !!! Theatre groups, small concerts I think if I did get into it. Just now I only have a little Sony mini-dv camcorder. Very good but not appropriate for pro work i suppose.

    I was quite surprised that Matrox have gone from internal (RTX/2) to external (MX02) solutions. Perhaps that's to appeal to Mac and PC users. This must require high speed firewire to connect.
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    What do I need to have high speed firewire for an external box? I should look at my mobo. firewire 800 obligatory?

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