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Thread: Time to upgrade from my Canon XM2 - any ideas??

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    Default Time to upgrade from my Canon XM2 - any ideas??


    I've had a Canon XM2 for a number of years - it's been great, but i get the feeling that it's finally time to upgrade to HD. Any ideas out there about a good new camera for under 3,000?? Ideally would like to move to card based storage rather than mini-dv. Although I'm open to your views on that as well. I'd like to start editing straight away when I get home rather than capture the tape footage for 3 or 4 hours!

    I suppose something along the lines of the XM2 would be good - it had the option to just 'point and shoot', but with plenty of features as well when necessary.

    I'm using Pinnacle 14 at the moment so hoping that will be compatible and work well with whatever I purchase.


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    Looks good.

    Anyone else any thoughts on how the Canon XF100 compares to 2,500 - 3,000 cameras from Sony, Panasonic, JVC???

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    If you can go a little higher with you budget and possibly look at "grey import" then I would go for a Z7. We use several and the Exmor chip that they use (same as EX1 and EX3 although smaller) is brilliant in low light. If you do a google then you will find lots of examples of how the Z7 fares against other non Exmor cameras.

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