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Thread: Some buget minded choices for a first-timer

  1. Default Some buget minded choices for a first-timer

    So, after reading some suggestions in the last thread I made some choices.

    After flirting with the idea of low-end documentary film-making (I shot a few things on Canon point and shoots that I was happy with but they, of course, didn't look professional) and with the people I made the low-end stuff for happy with the product I thought I could step up my game a bit. I purchased the Canon T2i mainly because of the high quality videos I'd seen online, ease of use (as I am still new to DSLR) and the fact that it could attach an external mic. My sister will be getting married at the end of the summer and asked me to shoot her wedding. I thought this would be the perfect chance to make something that looks better then my previous work...

    ...however, the that I don't have the $$$ to step-up my game as of yet to the level of professionalism I have seen on some videographers sites...I have about $500. So, the trick here is what can a first time user add to his T2i / 18-55mm kit lense and 55-250mm lense / 2 Batteries / 2 16gig memory cards / 1 laptop to transfer files on to shoot his sisters wedding for $500?

    So, that said, I have been researching and putting together a basic kit that I wanted to get some comments on.

    1) SOUND: I knew the mic on the Canon wasn't going to cut it so my original intent was to pick up a RODE Shotgun mic (Rode Microphones Video Mic Condenser Microphone Directional Microphones VM - Vistek Canada Product Detail). After posting on another forum, people suggested me away from that mic and towards a ZOOM H4n Handy Recorder (Zoom H4Next Handy Recorder Microphones - Vistek Canada Product Detail). Though it got me rethinking that I should get something that didn't have to stay attached to the camera restricting sound mobility, that recorder was out of my budget range. I then discovered the Zoom H1n ( Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder: Musical Instruments Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder: Musical Instruments
    ) which WAS in my budget. In fact, I could get TWO of them for less then the H4n. Thus be able to record from two different places or pop the records into pockets and LAV mic Bride and Groom. Seemed like more options. The sound quality seemed alright to me from Youtube vids. Their reception is going to be outside so I thought I'd pick up a $14 Furryhead windsock (Zoom H1 Black Bear - FurryHead Windscreens) to cut out wind noise...again, Youtube tests looked great.
    NOTE: I could use a cheap suggestion on what can be used to attach the ZOOM to the hotshoe on the camera.
    NOTE 2: I am also thinking now that it is still cheaper to get one Zoom H1 and the Rode Shotgun mic then one Zoom H4n but unsure if I need the Rode mic and the quality of it for what I would be using it for. Thoughts?

    2) SLIDER: Up until last week, I had no idea these existed. I saw videos online with wonderful reveal shots and knew I wanted to create some of those. This lead me to the Glidetrack Shooter (Shoulder support video camera slider - Glidetrack Shooter SD) which, sadly, became out of my budget when factoring in shipping costs from overseas. After pecking around some more I found the IndiSliderMini (indiSYSTEM - indiSLIDERmini) which, for $200 less, would do the trick AND it includes a pistol ball grip. I would have had to purchase some kind of mount for the Glidetrack so with the IndiSlider coming with one it saves me $$$.
    NOTE: Also entertaining the Micro Motion Slider (Micro Motion Slider Camera Slider) with legs. There are also a few on Ebay I am thinking about.
    Of course, there is no shoulder mount like the Shooter...which brings me to:

    3) SHOULDER SUPPORT: The Cowboy Studio Shoulder pad... seemed like a good buy for the price: CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC: Camera & Photo CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC: Camera & Photo

    4) TRIPOD: The current tripod I have is very low end. Though compact, the legs are not sturdy and would probably wobble with the IndiSlider on it. Any suggestions on a good tripod (which can shoot both horizontal and vertical photos) in the $100 range? Bonus points if it has a detachable head. :p

    5) EDITING: I have Sony Vegas with Magic Bullet Looks.

    6) LENSES: Adding this last because purchasing new lenses is really out of my budget range but I have the kit lens for the Canon and the 55mm-250 IS lens.

    Okay, so those of you still with me after that long post any thoughts, comments and suggestions are much appreciated.
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