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Thread: Advice please, Cam for Snowarding ( not a headcam) ?

  1. Default Advice please, Cam for Snowarding ( not a headcam) ?

    I'm off snowboarding and wanted a camcorder to take with me.

    I was thinking of a nice cheap on, that is good for catching action, jumps etc.

    I didn't want a headcam as want to add fisheye lense, carry in the hand and I think it may have better quality with larger lenses, chips etc.
    (also if you have a camera strapped to your head, you never end up in shot).

    So can anyone recommend a small, cam, good for fast action, good for light levels you get in snow, both bright sunshine, white outs and grey days.
    With the ability to add lenses/filters (handy for keeping snow off lense)
    Good anti shock
    Small for hand

    and Cheap
    If I like it, I will probably upgrade for next year to a serious one, so was thinking 300 or sub (If I don't like it, then not as much money lost and maybe a headcam)

    Any and all advice welcome.
    p.s. very last min as off on hol Sunday

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    Yeah the GoProHD is quite a popular choice for extreme sports these days, I know a couple of people who use them because the picture quality is very nice and they are versatile.

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    I would most definetly recommend the GoPro HD Hero. you can find some sample footage at their homepage. A bad thing that i have myself discovered is shooting on a sunny day with lots of snow in the picture (no trees in the background) shades on the snow are visible unless you use really high equaliser in the editing part.

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    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the posts.

    i've been looking at headcams, but until my friends buy them as well, I'll hold back.
    Don't want to spend so much on a device which will most likely end up film them, as attached to my helmet.

    Thus i've bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1 and a fisheye lense. Got that type as you can screw on filters and extra lenses. Also quite cheapish, so if can sell on if I get a headcam.

    Looking at the Contour GPS for the shape and size (so not wearing large box on top of head) and also the gps gimick...

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    enjoyed this thread. i love snow boarding!

    get vertical leap project

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